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We’re IBC compliant. And we think we’re the first. (and only!)


Introducing our NOW-8000 labeling program, with certified tests of traceable materials, and listed performance results.

IBC 2015 has several key labeling requirements, including third-party sampling, periodic inspections and full record keeping. We do not believe any MCM fabricator has complied before now, nor do they label every shipped panel with the mark of a third-party lab. No manufacturer currently markets a certified system, nor do they label every shipped panel.

Domestic MCM manufacturers ship millions of square feet per year. Labeling is the industry’s largest omission.  But our industry cannot afford omissions.

In our daily lives we are surrounded by third-party marks and standards, from those on consumer products to the storefronts of retail outlets.  Even other building products are labeled, but not MCM.  Until now.




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